tsavo east



Tsavo East National park has over the years been a ‘catchment’ for coast resorts visitors.  On the east side roam ‘red’ Elephants, named from the color of rich earth of the area they throw over themselves. Apart from its expanse herd of elephants, a variety of game abound including rhinos, lions, leopards, crocodiles, waterbucks, kudus, gerenuks, zebras & the famous hirolas (Aruba hunters hartebeest) which can be seen with its lyre-shaped horns. The park covers approximately 40% of the total area of all Kenya’s National Parks. It is accredited as one of the world’s leading bio-diversity strongholds with bushy grassland, open plains alternating with semi-arid acacia scrubs and woodlands. Tsavo East is recommended for photographers with its fabulous light and unbelievable views. In particular is the ‘Mudanda’ rock (a long rock outcrop that is about 1.6Km long). There is a dam at the base of the rock where animals can be seen drinking. Other magnificent features are the Yatta plateau (290km long of one of world’s longest lava flows), Tsavo & Athi rivers which confluence forming the Galana river and the Luggard’s falls (a series of rapids at the Galana river remarkable for the shaped water-worn rocks)

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