africa's best natural features & magical sights

There are many tourist attractions in Africa ranging from diverse wildlife, pristine beaches, tropical forests, spectacular lakes, snow-capped mountains, crocs infested rivers to dramatic landforms. All these offer unique sights, unmatched beauty and endless opportunities for sightseeing. The flamingo lakes of Nakuru & Bogoria in Kenya for example offers colorful sights of flamingo birds that cover the lakes pink while the popular Thompsons falls, snow capped mountains of Kilimanjaro & Mt. Kenya, deep gulleys of the Hells Gate National Park, the dormant volcanoes of Menengai & Longonot and numerous other sights in the Kenya tourism circuit provide opportunities for visitors amazement when they visit the country. Such sights are unique in their own right being either the largest, the widest, the tallest or being the only such sight or spectacle in a region or a certain tourism destination area. Sightseeing is an activity incorporated in a wider itinerary as many sights are en-route to a safari destination where guides stop to give opportunities for visitors to view such attractions, take photos or explore them altogether.

african sights best described as natural order

amazing natural formations in unspoilt natural destinations

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