ruaha national park

the largest National Park in Tanzania


Ruaha National Park is the largest National Park in Tanzania covering an area of 20,226 located in south-central Tanzania. During the dry season, when game viewing is at its best, animals are drawn to the Great Ruaha River and other water sources. It takes its name from the Great Ruaha River. The Ruaha’s miombo woodland on the surface looks like a rather monotonous thicket of verdure but in actuality it is a thriving biosphere. Located in southern Tanzania, it is home to the Greater and Lesser Kudu, together with sable and roan antelopes – a feature that is not found in other parks in the country. Other key animals found in Ruaha National Park include elephants, zebras, lions, giraffes, hunting dogs, ostrich, grants gazelles, striped hyena, crocodiles and hippos mainly in the Ruaha River. More than 540 species of birds have been recorded in this Park.

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