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Beau Vallon is popular among families and couples alike due to easy-access and calm, shallow waters

The beach is located three kilometers from the city of Victoria on Mahé Island on the northwest coast and is about 1.7 km in length. Although it is one of the most popular beaches in Seychelles, Beau Vallon has a remarkably low-key ambiance when compared with other tropical destinations in the world. One can simply hang out with local fishermen late in the afternoon under the shade of takamaka trees or just enjoy the twilight colors during the sunset. There are forested hills and some great scenery up the coast to North Point. It’s a scenic drive on a slender road that hugs the coastline. Beau Vallon Beach has extensive facilities and thrilling opportunities for snorkelling, kitesurfing, scuba diving, and more. Beau Vallon witnesses many festivals and events every year. Here, one can enjoy a three day annual event of Seychelles International Carnival of Victoria or a week-long event of Semaine de la Francophonie celebrating French culture or a three-day event called SUBIOS Underwater Festival that promotes underwater activities.

A birdwatcher’s paradise, Cousin Island is a beautiful granitic island comprising an area of 34 hectares.

The island is located 2 kilometers west of Praslin. Mahe to Cousin Island distance is about 50 km. The entire island is protected as a Special Reserve since 1975 overlooked by Nature Seychelles, a nonprofit organization working with BirdLife International. Five of the 11 endemic bird species of Seychelles are found on Cousin Island. The island is home to over 300,000 nesting seabirds. It is one of the only four islands that are home to the Seychelles fody, the Seychelles warbler and Seychelles magpie-robin. Cousin Island was a coconut plantation in the 1900s and today, it is a diverse ecosystem sheltering endemic species of land birds. A plateau with indigenous woodland covers most of the island, which is almost surrounded by a sandy beach. The southern coast of the island is rocky. A 69-meter tall hill rises in the island’s southern half. There is an area covered with mangrove forests and three freshwater swamps. A marine reserve protecting coral reef formations extends about 400 meters into the sea from the shoreline. It is generally a safe and rewarding experience to swim or snorkel in the waters surrounding Cousin Island Seychelles. However, it is recommended that swimmers always wear aqua shoes or diving boots to avoid sharp coral, stonefish, urchins, scorpion fish and rocks.

From hiking to swimming, Morne Seychellois National Park is a natural playground in Seychelles

Created in 1979, the Morne Seychellois Park in Seychelles is on the island of Mahé and is the largest national park in the area. The park comprises a total area of 3,045 hectares, which is more than 20% of Mahé Island. The stunning coastline of Mahé is definitely the main draw for travelers in Seychelles. However, visitors must take time to explore the island’s hilly interior. The beautiful Morne Seychellois National Park harbors a wide variety of habitats ranging from coastal mangroves to Morne Seychellois. At 905 meters above sea level, Morne Seychellois is the highest peak in Seychelles. Copolia peak is 500 meters above sea level and therefore allows a spectacular view of the east coast of Mahe and nearby granitic islands. It takes around 4 hours to complete the trek to the peak. Attractions Of Morne Seychellois Park include the Mission Lodge (a school run by missionaries), Anse Major (a stunning and aesthetic beach for a calm and serene vacation), SeyTe Tea Factory (a tea factory in the park where one can enjoy tea factory tour to know the entire process of tea making absolutely free of cost) Seychelles kestrels, blue pigeons, scops owls, swiftlets, bulbuls, white-eyes and sunbirds are some of native birds that can be spotted in the national park.

Sainte Anne Marine National Park encompasses eight small islands in the Indian Ocean

Sainte Anne Island and Cerf Island are two of the largest islands in the park. The park features granitic islands where green and hawksbill turtles as well as bottlenose dolphins are found. Roughly 20 minutes from Victoria harbor by slow boat, the national park is located in the Mont Fleuri district near the capital city of Victoria in Seychelles. Both private boats and shared ferries offer transport to reach the park. It was created in 1973 for wildlife conservation. First of its kind in the Indian Ocean, this marine national park covers a total area of 14.45 square kilometers and a land area of 3.9 square km. The islands are one of the major tourist attractions in Seychelles for scuba diving, glass bottom boat excursions, fish feeding and snorkeling among the coral reefs.  The Sainte Anne Island  has 6 big beaches where activities such as snorkelling, parasailing and surfing can be enjoyed at the beaches. There are more than 150 species of marine species such as reef fish, crabs, sea urchins and starfish in the national park.

The Praslin Island in Seychelles is home to Vallée de Mai National Park which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1983

Comprising an area of 19.5 hectares, the Vallée de Mai National Park is mainly a palm forest that has remained unchanged since the first exploration of Seychelles. The national park features a well-preserved palm forest, its flagship endemic species coco de mer and five other endemic palms. The coco de mer (Lodoicea maldivica) is a monocot tree and has the largest double-nut seed of any plant in the world. The fan-shaped tree can grow up to a height of 25 to 34 meters. The double-nut seed can weigh up to 5 kilograms on average. there are some 4000 palm trees in the Vallée de Mai National Park. The park is also famous for its wildlife, including birds such as the Seychelles black parrot, mammals, snails, and reptiles. Some of the common avifauna in the park is the Seychelles black parrot, blue pigeon, bulbul, sunbird and kestrel.

Established in 1964, the Seychelles Natural History Museum is located in the capital city of Victoria on Mahé Island, the country’s largest island

The displays in the museum include sections on botany, geology and anthropology. There are also some exhibits related to the history of the Seychelles military. The museum deals with the acquisition, preservation and exhibition of historical artifacts. It showcases objects such as the oldest Seychelles map drawn in 1517, the Stone of Possession and the world’s smallest statuette of Queen Victoria. The museum also has sections on traditional washing and ironing, tobacco making, creole furniture and kitchen objects. There is plenty of information on the native plant and animal species of the island.

Paddle boarding is an evolved form of surfing suitable for warm waters like in the Seychelles due to sunshine and waves all year around

Warm waters year-round provide stunning coastal & underwater beauty. The calm sheltered lagoons and tranquil shallow waters are perfect for leisurely paddles, kayaking and snorkeling. Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) is the latest fitness craze sweeping the world. There are different kinds of stand-up paddling such as for outdoor recreation, sightseeing and for wellness. Anse Royale Beach is a great spot for paddle boarding in Seychelles. Recognized as a top holiday destination, the Seychelles archipelago features a dazzling array of tropical wildlife and rich local culture. Mahe Island has a range of shops where surf and paddle boards are available for hire.

Along the West Coast Road on the island of Mahe, a lovely restaurant in Anse L’Islette bay is a starting point towards Sauzier Waterfall. It is also known as Port Glaud Waterfall in Seychelles.

Ashort hike of 10 minutes through local farms leads visitors to this picturesque waterfall. The small lagoon under the cascades is too tempting for a relaxing dip, especially in humid weather. The waterfall is only a short distance from Port Launay. Visitors can easily climb the waterfall to take photos and explore the scenic forest. There is another waterfall on Mahe Island’s west coast off the road of Grand Anse. Adjacent to Constance Ephélia on Mahé Island in Seychelles, this waterfall is a 1-km walk from the main road. Located in the heart of the dense jungle, it tumbles into a freshwater pool ideal for swimming in. Taking a quick waterfall shower is a good way to rejuvenate yourselves. Vallee de Mai National Park, one of the two UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Seychelles, on Praslin Island is home to a small waterfall. The waterfall plunges from two meters high into slippery rocks. Seychelles has a few other waterfalls. On Cascade River, off the hill of Mont Sebert, at Bel Ombre and Le Niole and at Sans Soucis in the hills of Bel Air.

There are two courses on two different islands: Mahe and Praslin.

The golf course on Mahe is a challenging nine-hole course, while the other one on Praslin is a championship 18-hole course. Both of these courses are known for spectacular natural beauty. The Lemuria Resort Golf Course is an award-winning championship course situated among some of the loveliest scenery in the world. The Seychelles Golf Club of Mahe has a difficult course with narrow fairways and migratory birds roaming around. However, it has stunning tropical scenery and a course that any golfer might find challenging

Be it witnessing vivid coral reefs or swimming with manta rays, Seychelles is one of the top diving spots in the world

Only a handful destinations offer travelers ultimate bucket-list experiences like swimming alongside the largest fish in the ocean. The Beau Vallon Bay on Mahe Island is the best one to go on a Whale Shark Snorkeling. Noted for its stunning underwater topography and granite slopes, diving in Beau Vallon is a fantastic experience. The archipelago is placed right on the fixed migratory path of these majestic fish. Whale Sharks in large numbers often graces the coast of Seychelles islands during October and November. Whale sharks feast on nutrient-rich plankton, squid and smaller fish. These giants can grow up to 60 feet long and weigh in at 34 tons.

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