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For adrenaline junkies, get ready for up to 60 seconds of free-fall as your tandem jump master throws you out of a plane, plummeting towards the ground before parachuting gently into land with Tandem Skydiving.

Tandem skydiving refers to a type of skydiving where a student skydiver is connected via a harness to a tandem instructor. The instructor guides the student through the whole jump from exit through freefall, piloting the canopy and landing. The student needs only minimal instruction before making a tandem jump. You will get to experience a 10,000ft skydive. The flight before the jump offers a complete 360º bird’s eye view of Mauritius’s awesome coastal, inland and mountain scenery. When reaching 10,000 feet, the aircraft door open and you get to tandem skydive, harnessed to an experienced qualified Instructor. In the open air you will experience flying – free falling for about half a minute reaching a speed of 200 km/hour, before the instructor opens the canopy, which will glide you down for about 5 minutes, seeing the beautiful surroundings until the safe landing. The take off is done from the magnificent Sugar Fields of Mon Loisir, with views of Mauritius’s stunning lagoons and reefs stretching far into the Indian Ocean. After the jump, you will receive a tandem skydive certificate, so you can remember this great experience for many years to come. Also, for a small additional cost, you will receive a pen drive with the recording of your skydive.

Entwine yourself at great heights riding the zip line in the Indian Ocean of over 500m in length.

You will get to enjoy remarkable views of the entire green valley, landscapes, forest and waterfalls from high above the pristine nature reserve of Vallée des Couleurs, in the South of Mauritius. With some luck, you will also get the chance to see stags in their natural habitat running under your feet while you glide on the zip line. It is the ideal physical and emotional experience for thrill seekers. Following the Zip line adventure, you can spend some more time in the reserve strolling along one of the many beautiful trails. In addition, enjoy a mini lunch while contemplating the natural beauty of Vallée des Couleurs. Nature lovers are bound to love Vallée des Couleurs. This vast reserve expanding itself over 450 acres invites for unique experiences in the midst of the indigenous fauna and flora alongside various fun activities and excursions for all ages. The unspoiled beauty of the land captures every heart and soul especially with the park’s landmark-the remarkable and unique 23 coloured earth that has gain reputation worldwide. Discovered on the 4th of July 1998, the site endowed with pigmented soils fascinates Mauritians as well as foreigners. Visitors are treated with a range of natural unique landscapes, including six wondrous waterfalls, plateaus, mountains, valleys, craters and crater-lakes. You will also enjoy a walk through the fern garden, without which any visit at Vallée des Couleurs would be incomplete. This is where you get to see the beauty of tree ferns

The symbolic Le Morne Brabant is a majestic mountain on the Le Morne peninsula declared as a World Heritage site by the UNESCO since July 6, 2008 to commemorate the Maroonage (runaway slaves) legacy in Mauritius.

It is believed that the slaves were committing suicide by jumping off the cliff of the mountain due to the very inhumane treatment they suffered. Le Morne Brabant is one of the most preserved and wildest mountains of the island. Hiking on the path of the runaway slaves at Le Morne Brabant has to definitely be among the top things to do while staying in Mauritius especially to enjoy spectacular ocean views. This rocky peninsula has a summit which covers an area of over 12 hectares (30 acres). Experience both the extreme opposites of lush greenery together with the rough and dry patches of the World Heritage Site. While hiking up the mountain, listen to the rustling trees, chirping of the tropical birds and contemplate on the wild beauty with outstanding turquoise-blue ocean views. As you ascend, you will witness the captivating features of the mountain, whereby you will find a gigantic, basalt rock peak dotted with caves which once harbored runaway slaves. Generally surrounded by the lagoon, Le Morne Brabant is worth trying till the summit if you want to contemplate the strikingly gorgeous bird’s eye view. The hike can last between three to four hours, whereby you will be guided by the professionals with EFR/WFA certification.

Fly like ‘Iron Man’ and Dive like a dolphin with this thrilling FLYn’DiveTM Sea Tandem adventure!

The FLYn’Dive  is connected by a hose to a powerful water pump, creating a water jet that will either send you soaring into the air or gently hovering above the water. The instructor controls the equipment, which in turn lets the participant freely focus on keeping balance on the FLYn’Dive. The watersport is innovative and action-packed. With experts in hand, participants flip, spin and dive through the water and air. Before starting the activity, a briefing of the experience ahead is given. With the certified instructor in hand, you won’t have to worry about learning to steer and control your elevation. The instructor will perform all the tricks and stunts, as you enjoy the experience without a worry. Just imagine the rush of being able to burst out of the clear waters and fly up seemingly without gravity!

Discover beautiful blue lagoons, white sandy beaches, mountain ranges and breath-taking nature, all while horse riding!

Whether you want to ride these incredible stallions on the wonderful beach of Mauritius, enjoy a romantic sunset with your loved one or explore the breath-taking nature of Mauritius on a horse back, you are sure to have a memorable time joining any of the many horse riding trips with these charming animals. For a more romantic atmosphere, couples can also go for their horse ride activity in the afternoon in the soft light of sunset. On the East coast, you can enjoy horseback riding along the mountain paths, through lovely scenery, cross streams while also encountering the local wildlife and birds.

A unique cruising experience sailing on-board beautiful catamarans

A large selection of day cruises to several destinations are available for choosing. The activity offers opportunity to immerse in an adventure of a lifetime swimming with dolphins, watching them from on-board one of luxury cruising vessels or observing the whales in the open sea all these enroute to famous islands. For the romantic at heart, opt for a sunset and dinner cruise on shared or private basis. Upon request, exclusive cruises to remote islands and tailor made overnight cruises are organized. From budget to top luxury, guests are sure to find ideal cruise experience

Meet the Lions, Caracals, Tigers, Zebras, Ostriches, Deer, African Antelopes, White Rhinoceros, Impalas, Kudus, Camels, Mauritius Kestrel and many more with the various animal discovery expeditions which are part of the many great Safari & Wildlife activities in Mauritius

L earn more about the lives of the giant tortoises, crocodiles, rare Pink Pigeon, Echo Parakeet, endangered skinks and various other animals which are to be observed during visits to Crocodile & Giant Tortoises Park, Ile Aux Aigrettes Island and the various Nature Reserves. Discover the Casela Park through a one-of-a-kind tailor made Casela day package enabling you to decide the combination of Safari activities you want to do, whether it is the Interaction with the Lions, Caracals and Rhinos. One day Safari Adventure in one place allows one to discover the amazing African Savannah – including walking with lions, Rando fun adventure and Safari Quad viewing wild animals from close in the Yemen wildlife reserve

Mauritius is home to some of the world’s most breathtaking coral reefs and marine life. Full with hundreds of bright-colored fish, the underwater world of Mauritius can be deemed a natural wonder.

The possibilities for discovering Mauritius underwater marine world are vast, from Glass bottom boat trip, the Semi submarine, the Underwater submarine, the Underwater sea walk, Scooter cruiser underwater experience or the Underwater scooter adventure. For all the non-swimmer or non-divers, there’s nothing to worry about, as it is possible to join and enjoy almost all the underwater activities. Snorkeling fans can definitely try snorkeling trips

Feel the exhilaration of flying high above Mauritius on sightseeing trips aboard a helicopter

The helicopter tours offers aerial panoramic views of Mauritius’s beautiful islands with enchanting sights of picture post-card crystal clear lagoons, pristine coastline, undulating sugar cane fields, spectacular Underwater Waterfall and other spectacular views. Aboard helicopter tours, you can undertake a freefall with Tandem Skydive high above the Sugar Fields of Mon Loisir. The private seaplane flights offers thrilling water take-offs unveiling from high above the beauty of Mauritius.

Each speed boat trip takes one for an unforgettable adventure to one of the many small islands and cruising destinations surrounding Mauritius’ main island.

To the North, the choice is between the Speed Boat Trip to Gabriel Island & Coin de Mire Island and the Snorkeling trips to Coin de Mire Island. On the beautiful East coast, you can choose between various trips taking you for an adrenaline pumping adventure visiting Ile aux Cerfs Island and many other islands scattered along the East Coast, travelling in speed all the way to the famous Blue Bay Marine Park. Along the amazing South West coast, the array of speed boat trip is wider and you have a choice between half day or full day trips for swimming with dolphins, watching the whales or discovering the marine life including the exciting Sea Hoover adventure.

Yacht cruising allows visitors to cruise in style, travelling in the most luxurious boats and enjoying a true VIP sailing cruise experience.

Top selection of yacht charters and sailing trips in the most luxurious cruising vessels operating in Mauritius offers unforgettable VIP style yacht trips. From traditional Yachts to the most luxurious fully air conditioned Lagoon 500 Catamaran and the unique 1920’s motor yacht boat, all these trips have a clear focus for providing the very best of Mauritius –  island destinations, a romantic dinner cruise on-board a luxury yacht, an overnight trip on-board the VIP catamaran or any other

Mauritius has quickly emerged as a top golfing destination offering selection of world class championship golf courses, perfect sunny weather and ideal golf environment.

From bushes to bunkers, from water hazards to nails concealed by verdure foliage, the golf courses in Mauritius offers exciting experience in beautiful natural setting. There is an astonishingly high number of golf courses dotted all over the island, ranging from basic 9 holes courses to championship golf courses with 18 holes designed by the world leading golfers such as Ernie Els, Bernard Langer sprawls and David Leadbetter. Leading golf courses in Mauritius are Tamarina Golf Estate, Golf du Château, Ile aux Cerfs Golf Club, Links and The Anahita – Four Seasons Golf course.

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