lake bogoria



Lake Bogoria is a shallow saline lake found within the Lake Bogoria National Reserve established in November 1983. Like other Kenyan soda lakes, it has no outlet and the intense evaporation has led to high levels of salt and minerals. The great geologist J.W Gregory described the lake as “the most beautiful view in Africa”. Today this view still stands. The Loburu hot springs erupt along the lakeside with the geysers and are as captivating as they are dangerous. The springs erupt 2.5 -3 meters into the air and carry with them a strong pungent sulfur smell. Because of the extreme temperatures of these boiling springs, one needs to be careful when near them. Lake Bogoria has no fish but is rich in blue-green algae and as a result attracts massive amounts of flamingoes which add color, turning the shores pink. The Lake which covers an area of 30 sq km with a maximum depth of 9 metres was opened to visitors in 1970. Animals such as buffalos, zebras, impalas & dik diks can be seen camouflaged in the bushy grassland & riverine forests surrounding the lake. The rare Greater Kudu can also be spotted here

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