a trek IN THE JUNGLE for gorilla shots & filming

uganda & rwanda remain the best tourist destinations for mountain gorilla tracking

when it comes to rare mammal species in Uganda & Rwanda, almost immediately the mountain gorilla is mentioned. Gorilla Tourism is a Chief Source of Income for both countries. Gorillas can climb trees, but are usually found on the ground in communities of up to 30 individuals. Thanks to conservation efforts, the population of mountain gorillas has increased from 620 individuals in 1989 to around 1,004 individuals today. Gorilla Permits pay for the conservation and preservation of the parks. Past travelers have reviewed the experience as unforgettable, magical and life-changing. Despite the high costs, gorilla watching in Rwanda & Uganda remain the best wildlife experience. Tracking the mountain gorilla through the misty forests of Bwindi in Uganda and the Virungas in northern Rwanda or tracking chimpanzees in Kyambura Gorge makes a truly unique safari. Expensive gorilla permits controls demand to save mountain gorillas from tracking deadly human diseases that can be caused by too much crowding. The tour takes you on an unforgettable voyage into the misty forests of Africa and gives you a privileged insight into the fascinating world of the great apes. Led by outstanding guides, you will stay at unique and intimate eco-lodges near the gorilla and chimpanzee forests.

Gorillas can be identified by nose prints unique to each individual

Males can weigh upto 195 kg (430 lb) twice as much as the females, with upright standing height of 150 cm (59 in)

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