family getaways

entertain the young ones with an african safari

Our African safaris make great family holidays – there is simply so much to see and do that every member of the family from the adventurous to the timid or the oldest to the youngest can have an enjoyable getaway. Introducing your children to the thrill of an African safari is both fun and an unforgettable experience. We take exceptional care to ensure that yours is a truly family safari by including sites, accommodation and activities that appeal to adults and children alike – while giving you the chance to relax and recharge. Many family oriented lodges and camps have family rooms that host you comfortably and have facilities such as swimming pools that help children burn off excess energy. Child meals can be provided early and some lodges/camps even have child meal menus. We can also organize visits to local schools and children orphanages. For the very young, you can book baby car seats from Nairobi before embarking on your tour. Interesting activities for children of all ages include: Building mini Masai homestead, learning to make fire with a pair of sticks, catching butterflies, planting a tree, learning how to identify birds of all feathers, bush orienteering, performing first aid, guided bush walks, volunteering and many more. What to bring: Puzzles, playing cards, books to read, footballs, binoculars and many others

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we do extra to make your family getaways a memorable experience

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