For those who are short of time, want to pack more into their time away or wish to avoid some of the more ‘rugged & dusty’ aspects of the African terrain, we recommend safari by air. We can also tailor a combination – road and air. Air safaris allow you to fly directly between various game parks. As you fly to your destination, enjoy breathtaking scenic landscapes and have a bird’s eye view of endless plains, wide skies and stunning natural features which you will otherwise not see from the ground. You get to be flown by experienced bush pilots in single or twin engine aircraft. The many splendid destinations you will fly to take around one hour between any two destinations. Luggage is limited to a maximum of fifteen kgs per person. On request, charter flights can also be organized for your convenience. Unlike scheduled flights, charter flights don’t operate to a strict schedule, so flights can be planned according to your specific needs. The aircraft that are widely used in East Africa are Cessna and Dehavilland models having a capacity of between 10-50 passengers. These aircrafts are particularly suited to taking off and landing on short or grassy airstrips.

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A DIFFERENT KIND OF experience VIEWing africa's plains & its WILDLIFE

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